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Direct Primary Care


What is a Direct Primary Care Membership?

For those of you who are not familiar with this healthcare model, Direct primary care (DPC) is a model in which patients purchase a membership that allows them unlimited access to certain primary care services. You, the patient, pay a monthly fee and in exchange you can then access care as needed, without paying an additional fee at the time of service. Things like an annual physical, screening lab work, acute visits, telehealth, e-visits, and even simple office procedures like ear wax removal, sutures, skin biopsies, and joint injections are all included. Additional services may also be utilized at wholesale prices like extra labs or imaging. Sometimes the price is so low you won’t even believe it! We have negotiated phenomenal rates for labs and imaging with my preferred vendors to save my members money. We contract directly with you to give you direct care and keep your costs low and transparent. 


Direct Primary Care Membership Includes

Annual Physical 

Thorough physical exam, general health screening blood work (CBC, CMP, TSH, A1c, Lipid panel), preventive care counseling
*once per year


In-Office Visits 
Telemedicine Visits
Texting/Phone Visits

Dermatologic Procedures

Simple procedures
(punch, shave biopsy)
**Lab fees may apply
Freezing of warts
Incision and Drainage of abcesses

Low Costs Labs & Radiology

including X ray, ultrasound, CT scans and MRI.

Large Joint Injections

Hip / Knee (4 times a year)

$25 HaloTherapy Sessions

Halotherapy, also known as salt therapy, has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for respiratory and skin conditions. This device which utilizes a liquid saline mixture of micronized salt particles which are then dispersed into the air for patient to inhale. 

(*regular price $35 a session)

Learn More.

Weight Loss Counseling

Evaluation of BMI
Discussion of healthy habits
Healthy lifestyle counseling
*Weight Loss Membership available for additional monthly membership fee if medically assisted weight loss is desired. 


Done in office

Point of Care

Flu, strep, covid tests, urine dipstick, urine pregnancy

Ear Wax Removal

Remove impacted ear wax to relive pain or restore diminished hearing 

Skin tag removal

Cryotherapy for skin tag removal or surgical removal if necessary/desired. 

10% off  IV Infusions

IV Hydration and Vitamins can help keep the body hydrated and functioning at it's best potential.

Our dedicated Infusion lounge offers a relaxing environment to receive this service. 

Learn More.

$25 Injections

Members receive a $10 off discount on all $35 injections. Click learn more to read about our injections.

(*regular price $35 a session)

Learn More.

Members Only Access to Provider

DPC Members can contact provider via calls/texts at no extra charge between the hours of
Monday thru Friday 9am - 5pm

On Call Access

Urgent issues can be addressed by the provider for DPC members ONLY outside of normal office hours for an on-call fee of $40.

Members On Call Hours:
Monday thru Friday 5pm-8pm
Saturday 8am-noon
Sunday 1pm-4pm

Direct Primary Care Membership Pricing


Age 12-21                               $59/month

   w/ Adult Membership          $39/month


Age 22-44                             $79/month

Age 45-66                             $99/month

Age 65+                                $119/month

Complex Chronic Conditions/

Functional Medicine 

Any Age                                $159/month


Age <44                               $149/month

Age 45-64                            $179/month

Age 65+                               $219/month

            *3 month contract required


Cash Pay Option

If our Direct Primary Care membership does not meet your needs we are more than happy to help on a cash pay basis. Meaning we will not bill insurance, you would directly pay Four Points Wellness for the services rendered. 

Office Visit/Video Visit New Patient

Office Visit/Video Visit Est Patient 

Telephone Consult up to 30 minutes

E-mail Consult up to 20 minutes

Annual Physical Exam

Flu, Strep, Covid POCT 


Urine Dipstick POCT  

Urine Pregnancy POCT 

Ear Lavage by staff 

Ear Cerumen Removal by Provider 

Cryotherapy (per lesion)

Punch Biopsy + lab pathology fee

Shave Biopsy + lab pathology fee

Skin Tag Removal

Corn/Callus Removal 

Hip/Knee joint Injection


Trigger Point Injection

Migraine Treatment 

Biometric Evaluation
























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