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IV Hydration Lounge





Benefits of IV therapy:

  • Boost immune system

  • reduce inflammation

  • restore energy

  • burn fat

  • speed up recovery

  • improve mood

  • replenish essential nutrients

  • enhance athletic performance 


Our designated IV Lounge is the perfect place to relax and refresh yourself.

We offer a range of IV treatments that are tailored to your individual needs.

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Hydrate   $100​

1L Normal Saline

Myer's Cocktail   $135

Calcium, Magnesium, B Complex, Vitamin C, B 12   

Immune Boost   $145

B Complex, Vitamin C and Zinc

Detox   $165

Magnesium, Selenium, B Complex, Vitamin C, Glutathione

Stress Relief   $165

Magnesium, Calcium, B12, B Complex, Vitamin C, Selenium  

Hangover Cure   $175

Myer's Cocktail PLUS Pepcid, Toradol, & Zofran 

Migraine Relief   $175

Myer's Cocktail PLUS Dexamethasone, Toradol & Zofran 

Be Lean   $145

Taurine, B Complex, B12    

Recovery & Performance   $165

Ascorbic Acid, B complex,

Amino Blend, Mineral Blend

Get up and Go   $145

B Complex, Amino Blend 

Inner Beauty   $145

Vitamin C, B Complex, Biotin 

Alpha Lipoid Acid    $50

Enzyme necessary for the production of energy and healthy cell function.

NAD+ (2 hours)   $300
NAD+ High Dose (4 hours)  $450

NAD therapy supports healing at a cellular level. It has the power to enhance brain function, increase energy, and boost your overall well-being — and treatment fits into your lifestyle. 

Add ons  $25 each

A La Carte medication/vitamin add on

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Famotidine (Pepcid)   $35

An antacid medication to calm heartburn.

Ketorolac (Toradol)   $35

An anti-inflammatory to help with pain/inflammation. 

Ondansetron (Zofran)   $35

An anti-nausea medicine to help with nausea. 

Dexamethasone   $35

A steroid to help with inflammation.

Biotin    $35

Biotin is important for overall health, and plays a role in cell growth, carbohydrate metabolism, and fatty acid synthesis.

Glutathione   $35

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant comprised of amino acids cysteine, glycine, and glutamic acid. Glutathione has many functions.

Taurine   $35

Taurine helps to maintain proper hydration and electrolyte and mineral balance in your cells supporting the functions of the digestive, nervous and immune systems. 

Lipo B   $35

The Lipo-B (MIC) injection is a product that contains a combination of compounds that have been shown to exhibit lipotropic effects. The lipotropic effects facilitate the burning of adipose tissue within the human body which may, consequently, result in some degree of weight loss. 

Amino Blend   $35

Amino acids are the natural compounds that are used as building blocks by the body to create proteins.

B12   $35

It also may help in improving concentration, maintaining fertility, antiaging, boosting energy levels, converting fat to energy and mood elevation.

Vitamin D   $35

Vitamin D injections can provide a quick and effective way to boost vitamin D levels and improve overall health and wellness. 

Tri Immune Boost   $70

Vitamin C, Glutathione, Zinc 

Don't have time for a IV? Need a quick pick me up? This shot is for you!

A triple defense immunity formula that consists of potent antioxidants and an essential mineral that assists in supporting the body's immune response. 

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