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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a model of healthcare that allows us to create a personal relationship with our patients. We focus on spending time with patients and understanding their health and wellness goals. All members are given direct access to their providers cell phone number so they can get their questions and concerns answered quickly and conveniently.

Does Four Points Wellness take insurance?

The model of Direct Primary Care eliminates the need to go through insurance. You pay the provider directly to have access to care when you need it. A once a month membership with Four Points Wellness replaces the traditional cost of insurance co-pays. We don't bill insurance for our services, but your labs, imaging, and prescriptions may still be billed to your insurance plan if desired. 

Can Direct Primary Care be offered to employees as part of a benefits package from their employer?

Yes! Four Points Wellness is a great option for businesses to offer affordable and convenient care to their employees.

We can tailor a package to fit the needs and budget of any employer. 


Does Four Points Wellness offer in person visits?

Yes! As well as Teleheath video visits, Texting, Email and Phone calls are included in the DPC membership. Cash Pay options for each visit type are also available.

Is there a commitment to become a DPC member?

Yes. In order to give you the most personalized care, Kayme wants to really get to know you and your health history. She requires an initial 3 month commitment with payment via automatic monthly billing. After 3 months if you do not feel it is a good fit for you, then you are able to cancel your membership. If you choose to re-enroll in the future there will be a re-enrollment fee.  

How do I order my vitamins from Fullscript?

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